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7 December 2011, 19:38

An agreement for interaction is signed between Bashkortostan and Federal Service for financial and budget supervision

On December 7 the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov met the head of the Federal Service for financial and budget supervision Sergey Pavlenko.
The public affairs service of the President RB reports in the course of the meeting Bashkortostan and the federal service signed the agreement concerning standardization in organization of financial control in the Republic. The plans for interaction and future joint activity were also under discussion.
“We are continuing the work, which we started three months ago. The agreements are ready and we are ready to sign these documents” - Rustem Khamitov reported.
“We believe that it is of paramount importance that people should know what exactly we are doing and they may give their recommendations, discussing our plans. People have to be certain that the problems the country faces can be solved and that both the federal and the republican authorities are working in the interests of our citizens” - Sergey Pavlenko stated.
He has also explained the essence of the agreement.
“The first step is the interaction on the planning stage, when the federal and the Republican structures jointly make plans of their activity on their own directions. The second step is a the formation of one report concerning the state of things in the Republic: in the federal financing sector and in the Republican financing sector. The third thing is joint work according to the unified standards when one party clearly understands what another one is doing. And the fourth step is formation of certain criteria in estimation of the activity of the heads of federal and Republican structures in sphere of working with the budgets – the federal and the Republican ones”.
Author:Sergey Zakharov
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