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1 December 2011, 16:20

Bank credits will help technical rearmament at Bashkir industrial enterprises

The wear of industrial capacities in the Republic makes up about 45% on average and by this index Bashkortostan holds the 29th place in Russia. Modernization of local production remains one of the top priority aims, the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB, Minister of industry and innovational policy RB Marat Mulukov said during the online conference on the site of “The Public Electronic Newspaper”.
According to him the enterprises have already spent 55 billion rubles for technical rearmament in 2011. In January-October 2011 the Bashkir enterprises have received the bank credits, meant for rearmament, for the sum of 260 billion rubles – by 20% more than in 2010. Now the enterprises are busy with reconstruction of their obsolete capacities, purchasing new equipment and widening output and assortment.
Marat Mulukov indicated to the positive process of this crediting process and called it the desire to invest into the future and the voting for tomorrow of our enterprises.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova
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