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24 November 2011, 17:06

Government of Bashkortostan found out the reason of low accessibility of credits for business

Low accessibility of credits is one of the key problems for business and the data of numerous questionings prove that and the meeting of the Republican council for business undertakings support, held under the chairmanship of the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov within the frames of the forum “Business undertakings: small towns and territories – the points of growth”, was devoted to investigation of the obstacles on the way of business development and the ways of their overcoming. The forum started in Bashkortostan today, November 24.
The head of the state business undertakings and tourism committee RB Ruslan Kinzikeev said that bankers and businessmen explained the barriers, hampering small business crediting, in different way.
“In opinion of the bankers low transparency of small and medium business, the absence of cash security, high risks of non-repayment of credits and not enough economic and juridical competence of the majority of businessmen are the main grounds and from the point of view of businessmen the main grounds are high cost of credits, too severe terms of credit obtaining, long terms of consideration of their applications and impossibility to receive a credit for start-up business” - he mentioned.
Ruslan Kinzikev also expressed his own opinion. He admitted that considered low level of financial competence of businessmen the main obstacle as well as low informing about various programs for small and medium business support.
Continuing the theme the chairman of the National Bank RB Rustem Mardanov said that the businessmen weren't aware of the bank programs, designed specially for them. But 50 of more than 82 banks, working on the territory RB, offer such programs today. The head of the National Bank has also mentioned that the volumes of arrears among representatives of small and medium business in the Republic are considered one of the highest in the country – 10,2%. It is clear that all abovementioned doesn't make bankers more loyal towards the potential borrowers from business. At the same time the banks make certain concessions to business, diminishing the terms of consideration of business applications, making the terms of crediting longer – up to 10 years and making the lists of the documents, necessary for crediting, shorter. Besides, the banks offer ready-made business projects.
The state also backs business. In particular, insurance, venture and leasing funds work in the Republic, the center for micro-financing, three business-incubators, 20 production-technological centers and seven techno-parks. But here the offer doesn't meed demand too. For example, the amount of the guarantee fund in Bashkortostan is one of the highest in the country – 560 million rubles, but according to information of the National Bank RB on November 15 90 warranties for the sum of just 320 million rubles have been issued in the Republic.
“The demand in such services is absent” - the head of the National Bank RB stated.
The main reason here is the same unawareness of business people of such services and opening of the network of the consulting centers in the Republic should become one of the methods in struggle with financial incompetence.
“I believe that this project will become one of the points of growth in establishment of stable business environment in Bashkortostan” - Azamat Ilimbetov stated.
Author:Alfia Sharafutdinova
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