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17 November 2011, 13:54

Bashkiria started to export sugar

Bashkir sugar plants started delivering sugar for Kazakhstan and Kirghizia, the Ministry for agriculture RB reports. Bashkir sugar meets high demand by Russian regions and some foreign countries, since the sugar beet harvest, collected by the Bashkir agrarians in 2011, fully meets the needs of the Republic and its surpluses can be easily exported.
Bashkir agricultural enterprises and farmers have gathered 1,4 million tons of sugar beet this year with the average crop capacity 225 centners from one hectare. Republican sugar plants go on receiving the sugar beet crops, processing and shipping the ready-made output off.
The Ministry for agriculture Rb reports the sugar plants are fully supplied with the staff till the New Year. Bashkortostan may figure on about 150-160 thousand tons of granulated sugar. Other 80 thousand tons have been processed from the raw sugar in summer. It is enough for meeting the needs of population, public catering and food enterprises, schools, hospitals and other objects of social sphere as well as for export of sugar beyond the Republic.
Author:Galya Nabieva