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12 September 2011, 12:51

The forum of tourist projects in trans-Ural zone to be held in Sibay in October

The forum of tourist projects in trans-Ural zone will take place in the town of Sibay on October. It is initiated by Sibay Employers Union jointly with Sibay administration. The main topic of the forum is “Bashkir trans-Ural is the territory of wide possibilities” and the tourist projects of trans-Ural regions, Chelyabinsk and Orenburg regions with participation of Bashkir tourist operators will be presented there.
Development of tourist industry in Bashkir trans-Ural zone is the main aim of the forum. The best tourist projects will be chosen by the totals of the forum. The fair of souvenirs, oriented to tourists and guests of the town is scheduled too.
Administration of Sibay invites all enterprises and organizations, which activity is concerned with tourist services and production of souvenirs, to take part in the forum and the tourist fair.
The contact phone is: (34775)5-28-75, e-mail: [email protected]
Translated by:Lubov Kolokolova