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31 August 2011, 17:42

The slat of the rates of investment growth to the fixed capital is determined at 103,5%

The totals of the Republic’s social-economic development in the first half of 2011 were considered today, August 31, at the meeting of the Government’s Presidium, held by the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov.
The first half of the year is quite enough time in order to estimate the level of development in realization of the top priority aims and to determine the weak spots.
The deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Anvar Makhmutov reported in what situation the economics and the social sphere of the Republic were found.
The Vice-Premier has mentioned that the Republic still experiences the after-effects of the economic crisis, aggravated by the drought-2010.
“By the main indicator of the economic development – the gross regional product – in the first half of 2011 the Republic managed to reach the level of growth at 104%. This is the average all-Russian level” – he said – “The circulation of the Republican organizations on all types of economic activity exceeds 1,2 billion rubles. The economists observe the rise of business activity in industrial production. The index of industrial production made up 109%, thus, exceeding the average all-Russian figures as well as the level of Volga federal district”.
Anvar Makhmutov has told in details about the key factors of economic upsurge and, in particular, about the increase of the export volumes. For the last six months 2011 the export deliveries amounted to 6,1 billion US dollars and the rates of growth – to 124%.
At the same time the deputy Prime-Minister has underscored that for dynamic development of the regional economics it is necessary to reduce the dependency of this economics upon the external economic conjuncture and for that the Republic has to develop its non-staff sector and modernize local productions because at present time the share of the final consumption goods makes up just 17%.
Further Anvar Makhmutov has told in details about development of innovational activity in Bashkortostan. Here certain positive dynamics is registered. Thus, the volume of the shipped-off innovational production in the first half of 2011 made up 24 billion rubles – 1,6 times more than in 2010.
Anvar Makhmutov also marked the rise of profits at big and medium enterprises RB by 22,6%. Their earnings made up 70 billion rubles for the first six months of 2011. By the share of profitable enterprises Bashkortostan stably holds the first place among Russian regions.
At the same time it was mentioned that the investment and the building spheres still failed to overcome the threshold of falling. This failure hampers not just the economic rates but the solution of the prior social problems too. Thus, the volume of investments to the fixed capital made up 54,6 billion rubles – 93,2% to the last year level. At present time Republican authorities are trying to make quite favorable climate for attraction of investors. In particular, several changes in the legislative base RB will be made for exemption for the investors. According to the preliminary calculations the Republic should reach the rates of growth of investments to the fixed capital at 103,5%.
Anvar Makhmutov has also reported about forecasted indices of social-economic development of the Republic. According to these forecasts the rate of growth of the gross regional product should amount to 107,5% in the end of 2011. The average salary has to increase by 13% in 2011.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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