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10 August 2011, 17:03

The program for development of light industry should be launched in Bashkortostan by the end of the year

The situation in light industry of Bashkortostan is still unstable as well as in Russia in a whole. As the Ministry of industry and innovational policy RB reports to the news agency “Bashinform”, certain growth was observed in textile and sewing industry. At the same time the rise of cotton prices still adversely affects the indices in textile and sewing production. As a result, we see the cut-down of production at some enterprises as well as the outflow of the consumers towards cheaper sector of the producers from South-Eastern Asia.
The dependency of the light industry enterprises upon the monopolies of the purveyors of energy resources and transport companies, especially the railroad ones, is one more problem. The not enough rates of renovation of the main assets at the enterprises and unsatisfactory condition of these assets hamper the production of high-quality goods, comparable with foreign analogues. The majority of light industry enterprises face certain difficulties with credits because of high interest rates, offered by local banks.
Besides, the tendency to the drop of solvent consumer demand because of the rise of energy tariffs for population and high inflation is observed in the Republic since the beginning of this year.
Basing on the abovementioned problems the Ministry of industry and innovational policy RB made the decision to approve the program for development of light industry till 2015 by the end of this year. The program should include the steps on assistance in realization of the investment projects, aimed at technical rearmament and modernization of the existing equipment at the Republican enterprises of light industry.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva