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2 June 2011, 14:20

Bashkortostan and Tatarstan are going to cooperate in oil-extracting small business

In Russia throughout the long period of time problems of small business in oil extracting have not been given due attention. As a result the share of the small oil companies in the all-Russian oil recovery reduces (10 percent — in 2000, 4 percent — in 2008, 2 percent — in 2010). Halil Rakhimov, the first deputy minister of industry and innovative policy of Bashkortostan said about it at the joint session of Committee of the State Council RT on economy, investments and business and Committee of the State Assembly RB on industry, transport, building, communication and business taken place the day before in Bavly, according to the news agency "Tatar-inform".
According to Halil Rakhimov, in Bashkortostan for today small and medium business in oil industry is presented mainly in oil prospecting, drilling, service, sale and, insignificantly in oil extracting. Development of small deposits under the existing system of taxation appears unprofitable or marginally profitable, investments are extremely risky.
Meanwhile, mineral resources base of Russia for 75 percent is presented by small and the smallest deposits. The large companies are not interested in their development, and this is a great niche for a small-scale business. About 40 percent of wells existing in Russia are suspended because of high water cut, the complicated conditions of extraction, reserves difficult to recover and low flow rate. It is possible to use small enterprises effectively here also. Experience of Tatarstan testifies to efficiency of the state support of small oil companies, Halil Rakhimov said. The new oil-extracting companies were created to which small deposits were transferred including not developed by the JSC "Tatneft". The Joint-Stock Company Closed "Petroconsortium" was founded. The deputy minister as a positive example mentioned association of efforts of small companies and "Tatneft" in the decision of the problem of decline in oil recovery. Small enterprises got access to the "Tatneft" infrastructure, possibility of training and improvement of professional skill of workers, exchange of experience, results of scientific research and development.
As a result decrease in oil extraction was stopped, and the growth began. For 13 years small oil companies of Tatarstan extracted about 60 million tons. The reserves which were considered earlier as unprofitable were involved in development.
There are quite a lot of problems in this sphere, including in the sphere of access of small companies to deposits, transport infrastructure and oil refining capacities. It is necessary to work out a new effective mechanism of financially-credit support to small oil companies. Acceptance of a complex of measures in the sphere of mutual relations of small and medium enterprises with large ones is required.
Author:Bashinform News Agency
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