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12 May 2011, 11:48

Volumes of production, shipped off by light industry enterprises, go up in Bashkiria

There are more than 300 light industry enterprises in Bashkiria, where more than 11 thousand people work. For the first three months 2011 the shipping volumes in textile and sewing industry reached 854 million rubles and the growth made up 117,5%, as compared with the same period of time in 2010. The index of industrial production made up almost 102%. The shipping volumes in leather-show industry made up 124 million rubles – by 20% more, as compared with the first quarter 2010.
In opinion of the specialists the growth of industrial circulation in the Republic has become the result of the use of complex approach to solution of economic problems with the application of both the state resources as well as of the internal capacities of the enterprises and first of all this is the improvements in management and signing of the profitable contracts for finished goods shipment.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva