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22 April 2011, 18:20

Anatoly Chubais waits for applications on “clever money” from Bashkortostan

“ROSNANO” possesses enough financial resources. By 2015 “ROSNANO” intends to raise the earnings, obtained from nanoindustry enterprises to 900 billion rubles. How much of this sum will Bashkortostan receive, depends only on the Republic itself” – the President of JSC “ROSNANO” Anatoly Chubais said at the meeting re development of nanotechnologies and nanoindustry in Ufa.
In his opinion Bashkortostan has to consolidate its efforts, including the production of hollow blades for aviation engines. According to him the Institute of metal superplasticity problems has promising designs and JSC “UMPO” can become the main producer.
“Great potential in Bashkortostan is concentrated at the institutes and you have to use it by 100%. Two innovational enterprises at UGATU are not enough, you must have 20-25” – Anatoly Chubais said – “At the same time you have to know how to promote your ideas and wares from commercial point of view”.
“Send us your applications, we are ready to examine them” – the President of “ROSNANO urged – “Our aim is maximal support of your projects and substantial help in making your projects a reality”.
Anatoly Chubais has called some projects, demonstrated at the exhibition at UGATU, “the global projects of the international level”, including the serial production of electrochemical lathes for high-precision production of the details from nanostructural materials and allows by the company “ECM”.
At the same time Anatoly Chubais has mentioned that Bashkortostan runs slightly behind in development of innovations. Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Tatarstan are the leaders now, so Bashkiria has to mobilize its innovational potential and start developing innovational business.
Talking with the journalists such actual subject as money for innovations was raised. In opinion of Anatoly Chubais money is not the main thing.
“We are ready to give you serious “clever money”, which have to be used efficiently” – Anatoly Chubais said – “At the same time this is “hard money”, which is difficult to get. For that you must have clear project and properly registered, professional inquiry. In such case your Republic may figure on 20-50 billion rubles from “ROSNANO” for co-financing of its promising projects”.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova
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