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1 December 2010, 19:09

Rustem Khamitov: “We have to restore the glory of Bashkir builders”

The meeting, devoted to prospects and main directions in development of the Bashkir building complex, has taken place in the Government RB under chairmanship of the President RB Rustem Khamitov.
According to M-r Khamitov the volumes of building works have dropped b 15,3%, making up just about 80,6 billion rubles. Only 40% of contractual works were executed by the Bashkir building companies and for the last five years the number of such organizations has reduced twice.
“About 20% of the building companies in the region are profitless” – the President RB reported – “Plenty of these organizations are found on a bankruptcy stage and we are standing much behind other regions by the house building volumes. By housing provision Bashkiria holds the 56th place in the country and the 12th – in Volga federal district”.
The head of the Republic highlighted the main directions in building industry, which have to be cardinally improved.
“First, we have to put the distribution of land lots, meant for construction, in order. We have much land but the order in its distribution is absent. In three months the procedure of land allocation for construction works has to be simplified” – Rustem Khamitov stated.
The next point is the absence of necessary infrastructure on such land lots.
“More than a half of the Republican building sites aren’t provided with the necessary infrastructure. We have to make normal market conditions and our business will make the rest: it will find circulation assets, modern technologies and the housing, erected by these business companies, will be much cheaper and with better quality. All this can happen if we manage to make a normally working market model here”.
The next problem is formation of the sources of financing and making conditions for obtaining hypothec credits for the substantial part of population, having rather low incomes.
“We should pay serious attention to social hypothec” – M-r Khamitov said – “People aren’t able to pay the hypothec credits, given under 11% of interest per annum and even more. With the help of the governmental subsidies the interest rate has to be reduced to 7 and even to 6%”.
In conclusion Rustem Khamitov has said the building branch RB should be powerful and profitable, working for the good of all citizens in the Republic.
“We have to restore the glory of Bashkir builders” – he stated.
Author:Rasul Hamidullin
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