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1 November 2010, 17:06

Austrian companies offer the technology for recycling of oil slums in Bashkiria

The representative delegation, consisting of the representatives and specialists of two well-known Austrian companies ROHRER and GFE-MIR GMBH, has visited Bashkiria some days ago.
The chairman of the Union of Ecologists RB, a member of the Public Chamber RB Alexander Veselov reports the companies have organized the presentation of their progressive technology and offered joint activity with the representatives of small business in the Republic in sphere of oil slums recycling. This technology is successfully used in Europe and includes the full cycle of oil slums sterilization and utilization with further land reclamation. The technology is mobile because the unit itself has a variable capacity, consists of several modules and is quite portable (based on a chassis). It doesn’t require preliminary designing and land allocation. This technology has no analogues in Russia and can be interesting to the enterprises, possessing the oil slum depositories and small business.
The companies have already signed the protocol of intentions with the company “NAPTON” (Ufa). In Bashkortostan it is considered the most progressive commercial organization, working in the sphere of waste treatment. The protocol presumes the transference of the technology and the accompanying equipment to “NAPTON”. This company will present the interests of the Austrian firms in sphere of oil slums recycling on the territory of the Volga-Ural oil-gas-bearing province.
Translated by:Svetlana Gafurova