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29 October 2010, 12:07

The unique project is developed at the schools of Tuimazy

The company “SITRONIX”, which has joined the Republican IT market about one year ago, develops the unique project at the schools of the town of Tuimazy. It is no secret that our pedagogues use the methodological instructions, created still in the Soviet times, and thanks to it the pupils receive the classical fundamental education. But modern requirements of everyday life already stand beyond these frames and demand new skills, necessary in the information environment, and for that the teachers need new instruments. The multi-service environment – the solution, designed by the company, has become such instrument.
“As soon as we make the IT-instruments for the teachers, the load on them starts growing” – the “SITRONIX” sales manager Alexander Grudzinsky says – “Because they need more time and knowledge in order to master new technologies and teach children. This is rather serious load”.
In order to solve this problem the schools have refused from the traditional way of informatization.
“We found the way to unload the pedagogues, making the unified information space” – Alexander Grudzinsky explained – “The main information resources are found in the regional information center and both teachers and schools are considered the end users. Software and hardware aren’t the headache for the pedagogues anymore and the center of the pedagogical information becomes the system administrator”.
Information is one more important constituent of the project. The specialists of the company have formed the knowledge database for all schools in the region.
The project is developed on the base of three schools, united by the regional center of the pedagogical information. All three schools are equipped with the newest technical means. The interactive boards are installed in the cabinets of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. The schools have received the mobile computer centers, which can be moved from one classroom to another, thereby solving the problem of the shortage of the computers at schools.
Now the project in Tuimazy has the status of the pilot project and the company intends to accompany it during at least one year. For this time the system will be improved taking the regional peculiarities and requests of the pedagogues into account.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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