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13 October 2010, 15:54

Ufa already possesses its own Skolkovo

Elshad Telyashev, the director of the “Institute of oil-chemical processing” insists that Ufa already possesses its own Skolkovo, speaking at the ecological forum held in the capital of Bashkortostan.
The Institute, headed by him, is certified on 500 various tests and the scientific-technological park is established under it. The park works in the oil-gas sphere (mining, transportation and processing), provides scientific-research, design and survey and research and developmental works, fitter’s works, balancing and commissioning. The park manufactures the products of oil-processing and oil-chemistry, creates, acquires, uses and sells the objects of intellectual property, renders information and consulting services and is busy with the educational activity and all abovementioned without any state support. Moreover, in 2009 the Institute has paid out about 200 million rubles of taxes to the Republican budget. For the last three years its output increased three times.
“Such small sea-locked state, as Japan, annually processes and uses 300 million tons of oil for its own needs – three times more than in Russia. At the same time the lifespan of Japanese people is much higher than in Russia” –Elshad Telyashev said. It seems that health and lifespan of people depend not just upon the ecological factors but to a greater extent upon the social constituent: confidence in the future, high level of wages and high development of local medicine, the quality of foods and water.
Author:Svetlana Gafurova
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