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15 August 2010, 13:49

Citizens of Ufa prefer low prices for out-of-town realty

The price-cutting for houses and cottages in Ufa for the last month is practically equal to the growth for the last six months. Thus, the prices for the out-of-town realty in July dropped by 1,8% and the cost of ground areas – by 7,3%. The experts say it happens because the objects are purchased at low prices.
“The out-of-town realty started to leave the almost three-year stagnation only this spring” – the expert Anatoly Bisharov explains – “The sellers fixed high prices but the buyers just examined and chose the objects. As a result, they chose cheap houses. The sellers understand that if they fail to sell out their objects before October, they can pin hopes only on the next spring, so they begin to lower the prices”.
Same happens with the ground areas but here the choice is simpler. The place and the price are the main criteria and because of the peculiarities of this season the buyers prefer purchasing the ground areas near the rivers, lakes and storage ponds. But the number of such offers is rather low and the objects are located too far, so the prices start falling down. Moreover for the majority of the offers the prices were originally fixed too high, basing on the former pre-crisis period.
“For example, a ground area could be offered at 1,5 million rubles that time. Now the prices are coming down and the buyers care ready to pay not more than 500 thousand rubles for the same ground area, i.e. the old prices are already unreal and the buyers have other criteria of the choice now”.
Author:Rasul Hamidullin
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