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30 July 2010, 12:46

Bashkir statisticians register small growth of flour prices

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee calculated the cost of foods, included into the minimal food set. Thus, according to their information the prices for wheat flour grew up by 1 ruble 25 kopecks for one kilogram. In June the average cost of one kilogram of flour was 14,69 rubles and in July it grew up to 15,94. The most expensive flour is registered in Sterlitamac. For today the price there is equal to 17,64 rubles. This price rise failed to affect the rye and wheat bread prices – they make up 23 and 22,85 rubles correspondingly.
The macaroni prices slightly grew up last month too: from 26,6 to 27,32 rubles on average. Sugar prices are growing up too. If in June one could buy a kilogram of sugar at 28,44 rubles, in July the same kilogram cost already 31,41 rubles.
Meat and sunflower oil prices remained on the same level.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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