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28 July 2010, 17:18

The amount of credits to Republican borrowers made up 216,3 billion rubles for six months of 2010

The totals of the activity of the bank sector RB for the first six months are summed up at the meeting at the National Bank RB today with the participation of the active Vice-Premiers of the Government RB Airat Gaskarov and Shamil Vahitov.
“Bashkortostan possesses a well-developed bank network” – the chairman of the National Bank RB Rustem Mardanov said, estimating the activity in this sector – “On July 1 there are 71 active credit institutions in the Republic. Three new banks came to the regional market this year. By the number of banks the Republican bank sector holds the seventh place in Russia”.
The chairman of the National Bank of Bashkortostan told that by some indices, such as the level of the distributed credits, deposits and the means, attracted from the natural persons, the Republican banks reached the pre-crisis level. At the same time they still fail to lower the overdue indebtedness of both natural and legal persons.
For the last one month and a half the amount of the credits, given out to the Republican economics, substantially grew up. The rates of crediting in Bashkortostan are higher than in Russia in a whole. Since the beginning of 2010 the volumes of credits, given to economics, increased by 13%, to the enterprises of the real sector of economics – by 20% and to the non-commercial sector – by 3,4%. The same overall index in Russia is equal to 3,2%.
The exceeding of the level of newly given credits looks even more substantial. For the first six months of 2010 the amount of the newly given credits in Bashkortostan increased by 64%, as compared with the same period of time in 2009. The same growth in Russia is just 1,7%. The representatives of the banks explain this fact by lower level of the debt burden on the Republican enterprises of the key branches of economics as compared with Russia in a whole.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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