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26 July 2010, 11:31

Bashkir power engineering specialists won’t admit the shortage of water

By July the inflow at the Umaguzinskaya hydroelectric station harshly dropped. The small rivers and streams, flowing into Belaya-river lower than the hydroelectric station, practically dried out. Since 30 cubic meters of water enter the downstream reach of the water reservoir in the towns of Meleuz, Salavat and Sterlitamac, the situation with the supply of population and industrial enterprises with water remains very intense there. The water discharge from the water reservoir exceeds the inflow 4-7 times. Because of the intense water discharge the water level in the reservoir drops by 10 centimeters every day. The power engineering specialists use one turbine in the nighttime and two others – in the daytime, providing a reliable water supply in the towns as well as their colleagues at the Pavlovskaya hydroelectric station.
Specialists of JSC “BASHKIRENERGO” say that even if there are no rains till the end of this autumn and the future winter turns out to be not snowy again, the towns and villages along two main rivers of Bashkortostan will receive the necessary amount of water. The power engineering specialists at the Pavlovskaya hydroelectric station will cope with the situation independently. As for the Umaguzinskaya hydroelectric station, the colleagues, working at the Nugushskoe water reservoir, will help hem in August. This water reservoir has long ago become a recreational pearl of the Republic with the numerous sanatoriums and spa centers, scattered on its banks. At present time the reservoir gives about two cubic meters of water and in a month after the end of the summer vacations the water discharge will reach 10-14 cubic meters.
Author:Rasul Hamidullin
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