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22 July 2010, 17:47

Shamil Vahitov: “There are no grounds for the rise of prices for flour and bakeries in Bashkortostan”

“There are no grounds for the rise of prices for flour and bakeries in Bashkortostan” – the active first deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of agriculture RB Shamil Vahitov said today at the meeting in the House of the Government RB.
The heads of Republican municipal districts, directors of the flour milling plants and big bread-baking plants and representatives of Republican ministries have taken part in the discussion.
“Some people start forcing certain stir with respect to the drought” – Shamil Vahitov said – “For the last several days the prices for flour and grain in Russia started jumping up. Thus, the cost of one ton of wheat in the grain market increased nearly twice. Same situation is observed with the rye prices. Correspondingly, we observe the jump of the prices for the first-class wheat flour and for the rye flour of peeled grinding”.
Shamil Vahitov stated that for today Bashkortostan possessed all necessary reserves of the flour. Thus, about 500 thousand tons of grain is stored in the Republic now. The grain of the last year harvest is kept on the Republican grain elevators, including 90 thousand tons of wheat and 170 thousand tons of rye. Other 70 thousand tons of grain are kept in the storehouses of the main Republican agricultural producers.
In order to supply the Russian regions with the food and fodder grain the Russian Ministry of agriculture reached the decision to start the commodity grain interventions. The first auctions will take place already on August 4 and the Republican flour milling plants intend to take an active part in it.
“We have to do everything to protect the Republican population from the unreasonable rise of prices for the main foods” – Shamil Vahitov stated – “All citizens of Bashkortostan have to be supplied with high-quality and cheap foodstuffs and this is the direct responsibility of the heads of towns and regions RB”.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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