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14 July 2010, 15:58

Problems of energy-saving are under discussion in Ufa

The Republican seminar on the problems of energy saving is held at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (UGATU). According to the UGATU rector Marat Guzairov this theme is considered one of the most urgent in Russia for today. The federal law “Energy saving and the rise of energy efficiency” has been passed at the end of the last year. This law determines the legal, economical and organizational basics for stimulation of the situation. According to this document all energy resources, produced, distributed and consumed, are subject to the obligatory instrumental calculation, except the wrecked and emergency objects, which have to be destroyed till January 1, 2013, and the objects with the capacity fr om 5 kilowatt or 0,2 gig-calories per hour.
“We have to understand clearly that our energy resources aren’t lim itless” – M-r Guzairov said – “The solution of this problem is not the matter of one day and there are too many moments we have to work through - for example, the utilization of the old lamps. In order to fulfill this procedure, we should pay rather serious sums and these sums would hardly cover our losses of electric energy”.
The deputy Minister of industry, investment and innovational policy RB Robert Vagapov mentioned that Bashkortostan didn’t stand behind other Russian regions in production of various energy-saving units. In particular, “UMPO” and "Hydraulics" produce modern energy-saving gas-turbine units and the federal state unitary enterprise "Progress" – the motion sensors.
The deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision’s Ural office Alexei Egorov stated at the seminar the energy-saving should become a national idea in the country and the so-called human factor was called to play an important role in this problem.
“While the responsibility for saving of energy resources is absent in the human consciousness, this problem can hardly be moved from the standstill” – he said – “ And we watch plenty of everyday examples of that everywhere: for example doors are opened wide in apartments in winter time and air-conditioning is working in summer time while there are no working people inside. People have to understand that this is a squandering".
Classification and marking of the energy-saving goods is one of the interesting themes at the seminar. From now the technical documentation of some goods, imported to Russia, should contain the class of their energy efficiency and the lists of such goods are already determined: refrigerators, laundry washers, dishwashers, air-conditioners, electric plates, microwave ovens, TV-sets, heaters, lamps etc.
The seminar will be over on July 15.
Author:Rasul Hamidullin
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