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5 July 2010, 13:08

Joint project of Bashkir and Chelyabinsk power engineers – new electric power substation "АМЕТ"

Bashkir and Chelyabinsk power engineers realised the large joint project on commissioning of new 220 kV electric power substation – "AMET".
The substation was constructed by Ashinsky metallurgic plant for electric supply of the new processing line of steel with capacity 65 mW. "AMET" will allow to raise also reliability of existing electric supply and to connect new consumers of Kropachevo-Ashinsky power district of the Chelyabinsk power supply system and the Northeast power district of the Bashkir power supply system.
One of these days, voltage was applied to the substation "АМЕТ" fr om "Ufa" 500 kV substation.
According to the press-service of JSC "Bashkirenergo", the contribution of Bashkir power engineers in this scale project was rather considerable. They constructed double-circuit high-voltage power transmission line with length of 60 kilometres on a tight schedule, having connected substation "Ufa" in Iglinsky region of Bashkortostan with substation "АМЕТ" in Asha of the Chelyabinsk region.
Before energizing the new substation, the meeting was conducted at the metallurgic plant wh ere variety of the important technical issues concerning work of the power supply object was discussed and the report was signed.
Author:Elvira Latypova
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