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2 July 2010, 18:08

Helicopter Ka-226 will serve in Voronezh militia

The multifunction helicopter Ka-226 made in JSC «Kumertausky aviation industrial enterprise» (KumAPP), has arrived on arms in the special aviation group of the Voronezh Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. It was said about it in the press-service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Voronezh. Today the new helicopter will pass the first flight tests at the platform of the Voronezh aircraft factory.
Ка-226 is a multi-function helicopter developed by the Kamov Design Bureau, being a part of the holding «Helicopters of Russia». The first flight was made on September 4, 1997. Ка-226 represents itself the upgrade of Ка-26. It is intended for transportation of six-seven passengers or up to 1,5 tons of cargo.
The coaxial scheme provides Ка-226 with high manoeuvrability. The helicopter has inherited all the best from its predecessor Ka-26: the simple flying technique, low level of vibrations, reliability, safety of flights and simplicity in operation. According to experts, the design and manufacturing techniques of Ка-226 provide its long service life.
We should add that the aviation equipment of the "KumAPP" brand is used not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in the far abroad countries: Korea, Argentina, Spain, China and many others.
Translated by:Luboth Kolokolova