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22 June 2010, 16:48

The atlas «Bashkortostan Republic (Northern part)» was published

The atlas «Bashkortostan Republic (Northern part)» is published by "Uralaerogeodezija".
Maps are executed in scale 1:100 000 (1 cm = 1km.). The company published such atlas for the first time. The territory as of 2010 is reflected in it. The updated information on road network is given by geodetic service of Joint-Stock Company "TSNT" — the developer of the navigating software and maps.
The atlas is the directory cartographical manual. According to the GIS-ASSOCIATION, it contains full information about settlements, communications, administrative-territorial system, rivers and lakes, relief, plant formation and soils.
The atlas will be useful to a wide range of users, including drivers, tourists, hunters. It contains the detailed index of place names and objects (bogs, natural boundaries, ravines, rivers). Maps can be used as a basis for creation of various thematic maps and as initial maps and sharts at creation of derivative maps of smaller scale. There is a survey map of the Russian Federation, the plan-scheme of the centre of the subject – the city of Ufa in the atlas.
The atlas format is 21х29 cm.
Author:Elvira Latypova
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