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21 June 2010, 12:10

The average price of "secondary" habitation has decreased for 0,3 percent in Ufa for a week

41,62 thousand roubles per square metre is that the average price of the real estate in the secondary market of habitation in Ufa for today. For the last week it has decreased for 0,3 percent.
Some reduction of price is marked in all categories of apartments. The price (minus 0,1 percent for a week) of one-room apartments practically has not changed. Two-rooms apartments have lost 0,2 percent in price, tree-rooms apartments - 0,3 percent. The cost of multiroom apartments has decreased for half-percent. Thus, at present one square metre of a housing space of the specified categories in the secondary market makes accordingly 43,65 thousand roubles, 41,71 thousand roubles, 39,94 thousand roubles and 39,8 thousand roubles. Elite housing is the most expensive: 57,6 thousand roubles per square metre. It is not considered at calculation of the general price index.
We should say that the prices specified by analysts are the prices of sellers of the real estate. The actual prices of transactions appear, as a rule, for five-ten percent lower.
According to the Network of the real estate agencies "Expert", habitation profitability index of Ufa equals minus 8,0 of a banking deposit, a market index of mortgage credit lending is 12,5 per cent per annum, an availability index of mortgage credits is 0,4.
Author:Elvira Latypova
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