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23 May 2010, 14:09

Heads of Republican enterprises of building materials discussed their problems in Sterlitamac

The Republican field meeting of the heads of the enterprises – producers of building materials – has taken place in the city of Sterlitamac.
The choice of the city of Sterlitamac as the site for the meeting is explained by the fact that this city is considered the center of industrial production and here big enterprises of chemistry, oil chemistry, machine building, processing and building industries are located and by the results of the first four months the industrial output of Sterlitamac has made up 19 billion rubles.
“In a whole the enterprises of Sterlitamac’s building complex worked with profits and the profit for the first quarter of the year made up 13 million rubles. But the building sales slowdown remains the main reason of rather difficult economical situation at our enterprises of building materials” – the head of Sterlitamac administration Vahit Abdrakhimov said – “In the first quarter the losses of the building materials enterprises made up 46,5 million rubles. In order to supply the workers with jobs and salaries the enterprises are working over the reduction of production losses and searching for new markets beyond the Republic.
The Minister of building, architecture and transport RB Ravil Ibatullin has reminded that the building branch in many respects determines the solution of social, economic and technical aims for formation of the whole Republican economics and for supplying of local population with safe and comfortable living conditions.
Because of the crisis the volume of investments in the building branch has reduced by 30% in 2009, making up just about 140 billion rubles. At the same time the Republic has undertaken all possible steps to avoid the slump in the building industry. The undertaken measures of state support have played the substantial role here. For the several last years the Republic places emphasis on development of the low-height house building, successfully developing the Republican program “My Own House”. Bashkortostan initiated the launching of absolutely new production for us – the assembling of low-height panel cottages in the partnership with Austria.
“The provision of the Republican building market with high-quality building materials and constructions, able to compete with the foreign analogues, the reduction of the building and exploitation costs as well as the rise of the habitation’s comfortable conditions remains the main goals in development of production of building materials in our Republic. Korean, Japanese, Austrian and Czech companies begin displaying high interest in us. Every ruble of attracted investments today means additional workplaces and new technologies and we have certain progress here” – Ravil Ibatullin considers.
Author:Anisa Abdullina
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