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11 May 2010, 19:57

Rail Sarbaev: the share of milk purchases from population should make up 15-20%

The today’s meeting of the Government RB under the chairmanship of the Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev was dedicated to organization of purchases of the surpluses of agricultural output from population with the attraction of small and medium business to solution of this problem. This aim is set before the heads of the municipalities and before the Ministry of agriculture RB not for the first time but no real progress in this direction is observed.
The state statistics proves the actuality of the problem. In 2000 the private auxiliary farmings RB produced a half of the agricultural gross regional product. By 2009 this figure was increased up to two thirds. The private farmings produce the lion’s share of potato (94%), vegetables (73%), meat (71%) and milk (69%). It is clear the agrarians produce these volumes not just for their own needs and sales of the surpluses of their output can become a good support for the private auxiliary farmings but the purchases of these surpluses are organized very bad.
“As compared with other Russian regions we’ve managed to preserve villages in Bashkortostan” – Rail Sarbaev said – “At the same time we have to develop not just the regional centers but private auxiliary farmings too. If we fail to organize this work in time, we’ll push our agrarians to impoverishment”.
The Republican program for development of the private auxiliary farmings for 2010-2012, approved upon the initiative of the President RB, is called to become one of the solutions for this problem. The preliminary planned volume of its financing is one billion 443,3 million rubles.
The Prime-Minister has warned they’ll fail to solve this problem with the help of just this program. People have to become interested in going in for agriculture. Moreover, the Republican leadership meets the representatives of small and medium business half-way in these questions. This problem should be solved first of all at the municipal level. It is necessary to awake people’s interest to sell the surpluses of agricultural products and for that the purchases of the products from agrarians and further processing of these products have to be properly organized.
“We have to make the life in the countryside attractive for our young people and today our main rural population is becoming old” – Rail Sarbaev stated – “This problem can be solved through making good living conditions in our villages, including stable incomes from sales of the surpluses of agricultural products from local population”.
The Prime-Minister ordered the Ministry of agriculture RB to work up a pilot project for purchases of milk from population and to launch it in several regions. If this experience turns out to be positive, it can be introduced to other regions RB later. “The share of milk purchases from individuals should reach 15-20% in Bashkortostan” – Rail Sarbaev stated.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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