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29 April 2010, 12:03

Positive dynamics on all types of economic activity is observed in Bashkortostan

The first quarter of 2010 is characterized by growth of industrial production in Bashkortostan. The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports the index of industrial production makes up 116,3% as compared with the same period of time in 2009.
The growth by more than one fourth is marked in tanning industry. Rather substantial growth of the indices is observed in pulp-and-paper industry and in publishing and polygraph activity.
Local companies start producing electrical equipment by 29,5% more and it is explained by the growth of production of electrical engines, coaxial cables, PC, computer engineering and incandescent lamps.
The statisticians point to the growth of production of transport vehicles (32,2%), mainly thanks to the growth of production of buses (2,5 times), trolley-buses, trailers, tank trailers and tank-semi-trailers for transportation of oil products. At the same time production of tank-trucks and motor-truck concrete mixers has reduced 7,9 and 2,7 times correspondingly.
Chemical production is also characterized by high rates of growth (123,7%) as well as the production of rubber and plastic wears (112%), metallurgical production (116,5%) and production of machines and equipment (117,5%). The growth in textile and sewing industry made up 8,1%, in production of bimetallic mineral products – 9,6% and in woodworking – 3,6%.
Positive dynamics is observed on all kinds of economic activity except the production of foods. Production of sugar, conserved vegetables and fruits, meat products, conserved meat, sausages, vodka and beer has considerably dropped.
At the same time production of cereals in Bashkortostan has grown up 3,6 times for the first three months, sunflower oil – 1,7 times, butter – by 26% as well as production of tea, flour, macaroni and confectionaries.
Author:Galya Nabieva
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