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14 April 2010, 12:57

The beginning of spring flood is registered at Pavlovskaya hydroelectric station

The average daily inflow water level more than 500 cubic meters daily is registered at the Pavlovskaya hydroelectric station and this is the signal about the beginning of the spring flood for specialists of the station.
At present time practically the whole incoming water is running through the hydro-generators, producing about 108 megawatt of electric energy per hour. The station is working in the mode of 24-hour load regulation. The level of the upper pool of the water reservoir stands at the minimal level but in the nearest days the hydro power engineering specialists expect the increase of the inflow and the water reservoir will be slowly filled up. As the news-service of JSC “BASHKIRENERGO” reports the first flood peak is usually abundant due to intense snow thawing but it doesn’t last long. It is expected during the first flood peak the water inflow into the water reservoir will reach two thousand cubic meters per second and special hopes are pinned on the second peak of the flood, concerned with the outcome of the subsoil waters. If the reserves of these waters are high enough, the specialists will face no problems with the filling of the water reservoir.
The energy, generated by the hydroelectric station is the cheapest and ecologically clean so the specialists try to use every cubic meter of the incoming water maximally, avoiding the idle water evacuations. Only if the level of the pool reaches maximally admissible point (140 meters) and at that the water inflow exceeds 800 cubic meters per second the specialists start idle water discharges.
Author:Elvira Latypova
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