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30 March 2010, 15:31

Dwelling availability is one of the key themes at the all-Russian gathering, devoted to low building

The all-Russian gathering, devoted to low building and appointed on April 2 in Ufa, will touch upon the most actual problems of the branch and the Republican program “My Own House”, developed in Bashkortostan, is able to give answers to many of these problems. This is one of the most popular and available ways to solve the housing problem for today.
In order to make the mass low building really available one has to provide for the low construction costs – this is the main requirement. The program “My Own House” provides for the cost of one square meter at the rate of just 8-12 thousand rubles. A typical cottage in such low-building settlements can cost 600-800 thousand rubles and on more expensive projects the price can reach 1,2 million rubles. Several settlements near Ufa are developed in accordance with the program “My Own House” now. The Republic supports the participants of the program financially too: every participant receives the bank loan at the rate of 300 thousand rubles for the term of five years under 8% of interest per annum. The rest of the sum the settler has to pay on his own. Besides, the Republic fully takes engineering and infrastructural provision of the settlements upon itself.
Author:Rasul Hamidullin
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