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15 February 2010, 14:03

Halal industry is developing in Bashkortostan

The beginning of 2010 is marked with the rise of interest of Bashkir enterprises in so-called Halal industry – i.e. the foods, cooked with observation of certain requirements of Islam.
As the head of Halal standard committee under the Clerical Muslim Dept RB Ilshat Gizatullin reported, this tendency can be seen in the meat-processing industry first of all. Thus, at the end of January the Durtulinsky meat-packing plant started production of sausages and half-finished meat products in accordance with the Islamic canons. Several Bashkir poultry farms have also passed certification to the correspondence of Halal standards. At the beginning of February the output of Halal meat products was launched at two private enterprises of Ufa.
Along with the meat-packing industry the medical institutions RB also begin certification to the correspondence to Halal standards. Opening of the first Halal polyclinic will take place in Ufa on Tuesday. Along with the traditional medical services the polyclinic offers the services of so-called “oracular medicine” – healing with the help of oil caraway oil, honey, vacuum massage and others.
The word “Halal” means everything, permitted to a Muslim and this notion includes foods, clothes, cosmetics and even books. Therefore “Halal” is the brand, that means that the products are produced in accordance with the Muslim traditions and don’t contain the components, prohibited for Muslims – for example, pork, blood and dead flash.
For today high attention is paid to Halal manufacturing all over the world. For Russian producers this market is rather attractive too because more than 20 million Muslims live in Russia for today.
Translated by:Eugene Rakhimkulov