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11 February 2010, 19:27

Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev: “Investments to new technologies will allow raising the municipal economics”

The company “PEREKRESTOK” invested 360 million rubles to construction of the plant for production of corrugated fiber board in Blagoveshensky region RB. It will help to give jobs to 260 workers. At present time construction of the object is practically over – erection and checkup of the equipment is going on now. In opinion of the investors the plant will repay itself during 4-5 years.
The plant for production of heat-insulating materials is erected here too. The construction works started in 2008. The investors allocated 2,3 million rubles of their own means and intended to attract long-term credits.
“The more investments the region attracts the more workplaces we have and local budget will have more intakes” – Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev said, having visited these two objects on February 10 – “And all that secures the prosperity of the region in a whole”.
The annual expected output will make up to 70 thousand tons of the high-quality heat-insulating flame-retardant materials and the expected cost recovery time is 5-7 years.
And today Rail Sarbaev visited several social and industrial objects in the town of Utchaly. Special attention was paid to the local central hospital, the abuilding cattle-breeding center and to the West-Lake and Lake copper deposits, belonging to the Utchalinsky ore mining and processing enterprise.
The cattle-breeding farm “AGROFIRMA BAIRAMGUL” is meant for keeping of 1200 heads of cattle and this farm is the example of state-private partnership. Three years ago the Republic had helped to finish the construction of the cattle-breeding center and 560 heads of pedigree cattle was delivered for the farm one and a half year ago. Construction of one more block will be completed in May 2010.
Author:Michael Sytin
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