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18 January 2010, 17:22

Bashkortostan preserves the lowest tariffs in Volga federal district

In spite of the rise of housing-communal tariffs beginning fr om January 1, 2010, they still remain the lowest in Volga federal district, the deputy chairman of the tariff commission RB Irene Vasimirskaya reported at today’s operative meeting at the Government RB.
“As compared with other Russian regions and with the regions in staff of Volga federal district the tariffs for electric energy still remain one of the lowest” – she said – “they are lower only in Orenburg region (170 kopecks for one kilowatt-hour) and it is quite clear because they have their own gas”.
In other regions in Volga federal district the tariffs are set in the range from 194 to 233 kopecks for one kilowatt-hour. In Republic of Tatarstan the tariffs are set at the rate of 224 kopecks for one kilowatt-hour.
On other consumers the growth of tariffs is set at the rate from 110% to 125%.
On average the maximal indices of payments for housing and communal services at Bashkortostan’s municipalities make 126%. In Ufa the lim ited rent index makes 105% and housing-communal payment index – 126%.
In a whole the combined growth of payments for housing-communal services in Ufa makes 121,8% and in the Republic – 122%.
The Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev underscored that one third of the Republican budget is directed to social needs and under the terms of inevitable rise of the tariffs the Government RB will further render assistance to citizens with scanty means.
Author:Alim Faizov
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