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11 January 2010, 11:55

The Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service: federal public customers have to receive electronic digital signature

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia turns attention of all federal public customers to the necessity to obtain the electronic digital signatures for provision of the purchases for public needs at e-auctions.
The Russian Government approved the list of goods, works and services, which have to be purchased at open e-auctions within the period from January 1 to June 30, 2010.
In particular, as the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service reports, agricultural supply, crude oil and natural gas, foodstuffs and drinks, textile wares, pharmaceutical preparations, cars and services for technical maintenance of office equipment have to be acquired at the e-auctions.
“All customers and purveyors have to be “armed” with the electronic digital signatures in order to be admitted to the procedure of public contracts placement” – the head of Russian Anti-Monopoly Service public contract control department Michael Evraev stated – “Both the customers and purveyors still have enough time to receive these signatures”.
According to Michael Evraev the same requirements on purchasing activity at e-auctions will be applied to the regional customers too beginning from January1, 2011.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova
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