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18 December 2009, 15:04

Public organization of businessmen “Business Bashkortostan” is established in Ufa

Constituent assembly of the public business organization “Business Bashkortostan” has taken place in Ufa. This organization will unite small and medium business and contribute to growth of business undertaking in our Republic.
Representatives of authority RB, heads of ministries and departments, public organizations, deputies, representatives of the Trade-Industry Chamber RB and businessmen have taken part in the gathering, headed by the State Duma deputy Marseille Usupov.
The State Advisor under President RB Sergey Lavrentiev announced the complimentary address on behalf of President RB. “Our Republic is found in the Top 10 of the most developed and favorable Russian regions, the reliable support of the country in all spheres of state policy. Under the present situation of the global crisis, which affected the whole country, the previously made margin of safety and competitive advantages of Russian regions play an important role. Bashkortostan possesses stable dynamics in social-economic development and high investment and credit rates. Suitable geographic position, well-developed infrastructure and many-sided foreign relations are also important. At the same time the step-by-step development of the region and solution of everyday problems in economics and social sphere is impossible without consolidation and wide participation of our business community. Bashkortostan built up rather efficient model of social partnership, aimed at further development of business undertakings. The understanding between the authority and business and their striving for more pithy dialogue grows every year”.
The chairman of the regional council of the Russian Union of producers and employers Rinat Urazaev has read out the text of the statement: “The Republican business organization “Business Bashkortostan” is the union of a new generation of employers, mainly working in non-rough processing sector of economics: building, machine building, light industry, agriculture, IT-sphere and financial sector. This is the unity of independent employers, who don’t live at the expense of the state, but building their own business with their own hands thanks to hard labor and severe competitive struggle. We are deeply certain that the potential of the growth of our economics is laid in diversification of production, development of free business and free market. Only private initiative and competition are able to provide necessary production efficiency, development of mass business and thousands new workplaces and, finally, the worthy level of life for all layers of public society.
:Business Bashkortostan”, maintaining the dialogue with the authority, sets the task to develop real market economy, protecting the interests of new socially responsible regional business, struggling with corruption and protecting local enterprises from unfair administrative pressure. We will contribute to the rise of competitiveness of the Republican business, developing joint projects and restoring the old business traditions in Bashkortostan.
The nests of business undertakings development need such independent organization – open, active and representative – the intellectual center of regional business”.
The State Duma deputy, well-known businessman Marseille Usupov is elected the chairman of “Business Bashkortostan”.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova
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