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19 November 2009, 10:39

Kuibyshev railroad raises transportation volumes

For ten months of 2009 the Kuibyshev railroad has transported more than 48 million tons of freights – by 0,9% more than the pre-planned indices.
In January-October the railways stations in the staff of the Kuibyshev railroad have delivered more than 28 million tons of crude oil and oil products, more than three million tons of chemicals and soda, building freights and industrial raw materials plus two million tons of fertilizers.
At the same time the news-service of the Kuibyshev railroad reports that in spite of all that the railroad faces the decrease of transportation volumes, as compared with the same period of time in 2008, but the monthly dynamics of the shipment volumes allows making rather optimistic forecasts. Thus, the shipment was maximal in October since the beginning of the year.
The Bashkir division considered is one of the biggest carriers on the Kuibyshev railroad and the output of Bashkir refineries and oil-chemical enterprises makes nearly a half of all freights transported.
Translated by:Lubov Kolokolova