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2 November 2009, 14:15

Secondary dwelling in Ufa is becoming more expensive

For the last week the average cost of one square meter in Ufa grew up by 0,5% to 38,27 thousand rubles. The average price for one-room flats went up by 0,5% to 40,6 thousand rubles per one square meter. Two-room flats became by 0,7% more expensive to 38,22 thousand rubles for one meter. Three-room flats became by 0,4% more expensive to 36,41 thousand rubles for one “square”. The cost of flats with more than three rooms grew up by 0,6% to 37,15 thousand rubles. The average elite dwelling price made 60,4 thousand rubles for one square meter.
The index of Ufa dwelling yield on November 2 is minus 8,0 bank deposits. The market hypothec crediting index in Ufa is equal to 19% of interest per annum and the index of hypothec credit availability is 0,1.
Author:Olga Gorunova
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