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27 October 2009, 15:42

The indices of Ufa economics for nine months of 2009

For nine months 2009 the circulation of 183 large and medium enterprises of the city made about 179 billion rubles, i.e. 81%, as compared with the corresponding period of time in 2008. The index of industrial production made 94,7%.
The growth of the industrial production index in chemistry made 105,9%, in manufacturing of machines and equipment – 103,4%, in production of oil products – 100,2% and in manufacturing of leather and leather wares – 100,1%.
The growth of shipping volumes is reached in mining operations, production of transport vehicles, in metallurgy, in production of machines and equipment and in production and distribution of electric energy, gas and water, as it is reported by Ufa administration.
From the beginning of the year the city enterprises received the balance sheet profit at the rate of 12,8 billion rubles.
For nine months 2009 the enterprises and organizations of the city transferred 72,6 billion rubles to all levels of the budget system.
About ten billions rubles entered the city exchequer, taking all subventions and subsides into account, and the expenses made the same sum. 86% of all expenses were directed to the social sphere.
The average monthly salary per one working person in January-August 2009 made 19505,4 rubles with the growth by 8,4%, as compared with the same period of time in 2008.
On October 1 the number of officially registered unemployed citizens grew up two times as compared with 2008, making 11983 persons. The level of unemployment made 2,31%, i.e. 1,16%-growth.
The volume of investments to the city economics made about 40 billion rubles fir nine months of the year (92% to the corresponding level of 2008 in comparable prices).
About 321,5 thousand square meters of housing was built up and put into operation due to all sources of financing (72,9% to the level of 2008) under the annual plan 560 thousand square meters. But the deputy Ufa Mayor Albina Usupova says the developers intend to fulfill the planned task by the end of the year.
The retail trade turnover of the city came down by 2,8% and made more than 192,8 billion rubles.
Author:Olga Gorunova
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