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2 October 2009, 13:11

Umaguzinskaya hydroelectric station – five years in use

The hydropower unit N1 at Umaguzinskaya hydroelectric station was launched five years ago, October 2, 2004. The second unit started working two months later in December and the third unit joined the first two in April 2005.
The news-service of JSC “BASHKIRENERGO” reports the equipment was working quite stably during the first five years. Thus, the hydropower unit N1 has worked out more than 500 million kilowatt-hours of ecologically clean and rather cheap energy.
The hydropower units, assembled at the hydroelectric station, can be considered unique. The automatic system of double regulation for rotary-blade turbine system was for the first time applied in these units. This system allows receiving the maximal output-input ratio depending on the water height. Besides, the system of automatic aggregate control on microprocessors instead of the electric-hydraulic regulators is used at the station and this system automatically sets and maintains the optimal work mode for the aggregates.
Construction of Umaguzinskoe storage pond with the hydroelectric station under the same name has become one of the largest investment projects, realized in Bashkortostan at the beginning of the XXI century.
Author:Olga Gorunova
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