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30 September 2009, 12:49

Umaguzinskoe storage pond is insured

The insurance company “ROSGOSTRAH-ACCORD” won the tender on liability insurance of UMAGUZINSKOE storage pond, held in accordance with the requirements of the active legislation about safety of hydraulic facilities. The maximal amount of insurance money on one insurance case makes 400 million rubles and the overall insurance sum is equal to 1,1 billion rubles.
The Umaguzinsky hydraulic joint, including the hydroelectric station, is meant for regulation of the water yield on Belya-river and for water and electric energy supply of the towns in the south of Bashkortostan.
Specialists say that after the breakdown at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station many other owners of hydroelectric stations, who earlier underestimated the risks, arising when exploiting the hydroelectric stations, start revising their approaches to insurance and begin to realize the necessity to make the sums on liability insurance closer to the real estimation of possible after-effects of breakdowns (since the definite sums of insurance sums are not set legally).
Author:Olga Gorunova
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