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28 September 2009, 13:23

Bashkir enterprises in “Top 500” rate of the largest Russian companies

The business journal “Finance” published the rate of Top 500 of the largest Russian companies by the totals-2008. It is clear that the crisis shattered the positions of many Russian companies but the majority of Bashkir enterprises not just lowered their financial showings despite the difficult economic conditions in the last quarter of 2008 but on the contrary managed to demonstrate certain progress.
Thus, JSC “BASHNEFT” stands on the 38th position in the rate (this position isn’t changed as compared with 2007). In 2008 the earnings of the company made up 121, 924 billion rubles – by 21% more than in 2007.
JSC “SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ” lost five positions as compared with 2007 – down to the 46th position in the rate. Nonetheless, the company’s earnings increased by 8% up to 104, 894 billion rubles.
JSC “BASHKIRENERGO” occupied the 77th position in the rate by the results of 2008, while one year before the position had been 14 points lower. The annual earnings of the enterprise made 61,906 billion rubles, i.e. plus 15%.
JSC “The Unified Trade Company”, specializing in wholesale trade, stands on the 211th position. For the last year the company managed to raise its rate by nine points and its earnings grew up by 35% up to 27,672 billion rubles.
JSC “Bashkir Chemistry” holds the 256th line in the rate with 22 billion rubles of profits.
JSC “UFANEFTEHIM” holds the 262nd position in the rate. For the last year the enterprise increased its receipts by 64% up to 21,497 billion rubles.
JSC “BASHKIRNEFTEPRODUCT” stepped 39 positions up to the 267th line in the rate. The company’s earnings increased by 37% for the last year up to 21, 264 billion rubles.
The company “Selena-NEFTEHIM” is found on the 278th position. The positions of the company in the rate remained the same but the earnings grew up by 17% up to 20,593billon rubles.
The crisis negatively influenced upon the positions of JSC “UMPO”. For one year the enterprise stepped 59 positions down. Now it holds the 356th line in the rate and its earnings reduced by 5% to 14,98 billion rubles.
JSC “Ufimsky refinery” ascended 50 positions in the rate up the 363rd line. The plant’s earnings increased by 19% up to 14,55 billion rubles.
The rate of “Novo-Ufimsky refinery” grew up 65 positions up to the 368th line and its earnings increased by 41% up to 14, 512 billion rubles.
The economic crisis affected the economic positions of JSC “Caustic” – minus 41 positions – the 467th line by the totals-2008. Nonetheless, the company’s receipts increased by 4% up to 11,01 billion rubles.
Author:Olga Gorunova
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