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23 September 2009, 15:57

Murtaza Rakhimov: Republican fuel-energy complex works rhythmically even under the terms of the financial-economic crisis

President RB Murtaza Rakhimov took the floor at today’s Congress “CITOGIC-2009-Ufa” in the Congress-Hall. The text of his speech is given shortly below:
“Dear participants and guests of the congress! Please, let me heartily welcome you on the hospitable land of Bashkortostan! We are happy to see Russian and foreign leaders of oil-gas industry in the capital of our Republic. This forum is held in the capital of Bashkortostan for the second time. The Ninth international technological congress has been held in Ufa in 1999.
For the last decade Bashkortostan dynamically stepped forward along the path of social and economic progress. Today this is one of the most economically developed, politically stable supporting regions in the country. Bashkortostan stands in the Top 10 of Russian regions by production of the gross regional product and holds one of the leading places in the country by the standard of living. Rich natural resources, developed transport infrastructure, powerful industrial and scientific-technical potential, highly qualified specialists form the solid foundation for further step-by-step development.
Fuel-energy complex plays the key role in provision of stable social and economic development of Bashkortostan and this is the most important constituent part of Russian national economics. This complex possesses powerful production potential, which includes oil and oil-processing industry, power-engineering and transportation of gas and oil products. The Republic pays close attention to modernization of the complex and to elaboration of the strategy for its further development. This strategy is aimed first of all at activation of innovational activity, mastering of new productions and new products, full load of available capacities, reformation of the enterprises and their structural divisions.
Today the oil workers of Bashkortostan develop more than 160 deposits. At that two thirds of these deposits are found at the late and one third – at the latest stage of development. The structure of the residual reserves becomes poorer and the majority of these reserves are hard-to-recover. The mining of these reserves also demands increased financial expenses. Under these conditions holding of the oil-mining rates at the previously reached level due to the usage of modern technologies becomes the prior challenge.
Three fourths of oil reserves in the Republic are developed with the help of different methods on the increase of recoverable oil and oil workers use about 50 different technologies for that. All that allows us to raise recoverable oil in old wells, earlier considered unpromising. Thanks to that our oil mining is characterized by rather high and stable level – about 11-12 million tons annually. Thanks to these technologies and the results of our scientific investigations Bashkortostan provides annual growth of oil output at the level of two million tons per year.
Our Republic holds leading positions in the depth of oil processing. In Bashkortostan this index is equal to 82,3% under the average all-Russian index 72%. By 2012 this index is planned to reach 94,8%. Bashkortostan is the leader by the volumes of oil raw material processing and by production of light oil products. We process 11,4% of Russian oil and produce 15,6% of car benzenes and 13,6% of diesel fuel. Bashkortostan possesses well-developed power-engineering base and the level of power-engineering safety in the Republic is one of the highest in Russia. The main directions of investment policy, pursued in power-engineering, are oriented first of all to modernization of the existing capacities and diversification of the fuel balance.
Bashkortostan pays serious attention to the problem of rational and efficient usage of energy resources. The programs on energy-saving are worked out at all levels of management by enterprises, organizations, regional and municipal administrations. We approved and launched the Republican program “Energy-saving in 2008-2012”. The work of our enterprises in the staff of Bashkir fuel-energy complex remains stable even under the terms of the global financial and economic crisis. The main volumes of production are preserved and we continue modernization of our main assets.
The oil-chemical branch is not a casino and for their stable work we need predicable financial policy with well-forecasted final results. The bitter experience of the man-caused catastrophe, having happened at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station makes us to begin thinking how to preserve the balance between the desire to reach the maximal profits and the necessity to strictly observe the main regulations and standards in production technologies. Modernization of production processes has to raise the level of all directions of security and we expect these approaches from all owners, engaged in the fuel-energy complex of Bashkortostan.
The XIX international congress “New technologies in oil and gas industry, power-engineering and communication” is of paramount importance for the Russian oil-gas branch. The work of the forum is aimed at wide discussion and elaboration of new innovational directions in its progress on the base of new designs and technologies and at further expansion of cooperation in sphere of technological integration. I would like specially mark the active support of the forum by the Academy of technological sciences RF and by JSC “GASPROM”.
I wish all participants and guests of the congress health, prosperity, productive work and new achievements on further development of Russian fuel-energy complex. Good impressions from staying in our Republic! Thank you for attention”.
Author:News-agency "Bashinform"
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