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3 July 2009, 16:34

Bashkortostan joined the list of regions with low level of ecological colliding

The Independent Ecological Rating Agency (NERA) announced the data concerning the regional ecological colliding for the first six months 2009.Bashkortostan is found in the second of five groups, which consists of the regions with low number of economic conflicts (15-29) from the very beginning of the monitoring, which NERA runs since 2002. Tatarstan, Krasnoyarsk region, Samara region, Archangelsk region, Rostov region, Voronezh region, Altai and some other regions (19 in a whole) stay in the same group with Bashkortostan.
Pskov region, Tver region, Kursk region, Orel region, Murmansk region and some other regions are found in the group with the lowest level of ecological colliding.
According to NERA information 108 messages about ecological violations and conflicts have been registered in mass-media since the beginning of the year. At that the intenseness of ecological conflicts’ registration reduced nearly two times as compared with 2008. To a great extent it is connected with shutdown of activity of many Russian enterprises due to the crisis.
Chelyabinsk region stands on the first place by the number of ecological conflicts (72 messages). It forced Sverdlovsk region, which “led” at the end of 2008, to the second position (71 messages). Krasnodar region remains on the third position (58 messages) and Khanty-Mansiysky autonomous district with 55 registered ecological conflicts outstripped Moscow (51).
The change of the “leader” by the number of messages about ecological conflicts has occurred among branches of industry too. Transport (including pipe transport) reached the first place now (181 messages). It forced oil-gas mining to the second line (177 messages).
The list of the most unfavorable organizations from the point of view of ecology traditionally includes large industrial companies. JSC “TRANSNEFT” stands on the first position by the number of new ecological conflicts (64 messages). JSC “ROSNEFT” stands on the second position (44 messages). JSC “BASHNEFT” has lost five positions in this list and holds the 31st place now. This is good news for our Republic and if the company manages to progress in the same way, it has all chances to leave the list of “unfavorable” organizations. At the same time the results of the monitoring brought rather disappointing news for our region – for the first time JSC “UFAORGSINTEZ” entered the “black Top 50”. Therefore the total list includes two Republican enterprises now.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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