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8 April 2009, 15:35

Intensity coefficient in labor market is coming down

The coefficient of intensity in the Republican labor market for the first time became slightly lower for the last several months. From the beginning of the economic crisis the growth of disproportion between the number of available vacancies and the number of officially registered unemployed people was observed. Thus, in September 2008 the coefficient of intensity made up just 0,8. In December three people pretended to one workplace (the coefficient was equal to 3). By the end of February it was equal to six. The index slightly reduced in March. Now the coefficient of intensity is equal to 5,2 and that proves the presence of certain positive tendencies though it is too early to talk about the improvement of the situation in the labor market. The level of officially registered unemployment still remains high. At present time it makes 2,45% of economically active population RB. According to the forecasts, made at the end of 2008, the maximal number of unemployed people in 2009 was estimated at 52 thousand. But this figure is nearly reached already now. At present moment there are 49,7 thousand people in Bashkortostan, who lost their jobs. If the situation isn’t improved in the nearest future the forecasted threshold can be surmounted very soon.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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