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30 March 2009, 12:32

The rate of pensions to be raised since April 1

The insurance component of pensions will increase by 17,5% since April1, 2009. The basic part is left unchanged but it was increased 8,7% since March 1, 2009.
News-service of Russian Pension Fund (Bashkir division) reports the receivers of all sorts of labor pensions (oldage pensions, disability pensions and loss-of-breadwinner pensions), in which the insurance component is considered the inseparable part, may figure on pension supplements. Since the insurance component is individual for every person, the supplement will be also different for everybody.
For the majority of pensioners (oldage pensions, disability pensions of the second group, loss-of breadwinner pensions – orphans) the basic part is equal to 1950 rubles. For the invalids of the first group (the third degree) and for pensioners aged 80 and older the basic part makes up 3900 rubles.
On average labor pensions will be increased 396 rubles and labor oldage pensions – 413 rubles, making up 4924 and 5156 rubles correspondingly.
Author:Mariat Artuhova
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