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17 March 2009, 09:45

Bashkir Statistics Committee about price indices

Bashkir Statistics Committee published the dynamics of price indices and tariffs in Republic on different branches of economics in February 2009. As compared with January, consumer prices have grown up by 0,9% and by 12% for the whole year.
The price index of industrial producers made up 126,8% in February as compared with January. For one year prices in this sector fell (the index is 94,4%). The price balance in building production made up 99,8% and 106,7% for the whole year. Agricultural production index made up 97,9 and 97,5% correspondingly.
The price index in sphere of “mining operations” made up 178,9% in February. But prices have become by 38,4% lower in this sector for the whole year. February index is equal to 123,5% in processing productions and annual index is 98%. At the same time producers of rubber and plastic wares, other nonmetallic mineral products, machines and equipment lowered their prices by less than 1%.
Agricultural prices reduced by 2,1% in February but at that vegetables have become by 1,6% more expensive in February and by 1,7% more expensive for the whole year.
Foodstuffs have become more expensive by 1,1% in February and by 13,2% for the whole year, nonfoods – by 1% and 7,7%, chargeable services – by 0,5 and 15,9% correspondingly. Meat and fish prices, cheese, sugar, confectionaries, bread and bakery, fruits and vegetables and drinks have become more expensive in February. Nonfoods consumer prices have also grown up. Transport tickets and housing-communal service prices remain stable in February.
Author:Mariat Artuhova
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