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4 July , 17:42

Bashkortostan Minister of Culture about Moscow Sabantuy: This is bright and recognizable event

Moscow Sabantuy on July 6 will be held at several venues. New activities will be added to the traditional holiday at the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. The SMO heroes will be the honorary guests of this year’s event, and every visitor can take part in weaving camouflage nets.

“Moscow Sabantuy is a big traditional holiday given to residents of the Russian capital Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. The holiday is based on love for the native land, cultural values, and family values ​​- everything necessary to preserve patriotism in the hearts of the younger generation. Moscow Sabantuy is a bright event that residents and guests of the capital have long recognized, and it draws more than 250 thousand people into the orbit of national cultures annually. This year, the number of venues has been increased, and we are sure that there will be many more guests at the festival, which means that both our culture and our republic will have even more friends,” noted the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Amina Shafikova.

Among the official guests were representatives of the Russian Federation's government, the governments of Moscow, the Moscow region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, and the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as prominent political and public figures.

From morning until late evening, performances by national groups and pop stars representing different Russian peoples will be held on the main stage. Среди них мультиинструменталист «Зайнетдин», народные артисты Башкортостана Назифа Кадырова и Гали Алтынбаев,  Артур Туктагулов, Халит Фатихов, Минзифа Искужина, народные артистки Республики Татарстан Наиля Фатехова и Резеда Шарафиева, заслуженные артисты Республики Татарстан Гульдания Хайруллина, Ильнур Гумеров и Ляйсан Мингазова, народные артисты Republic of Bashkortostan Arthur Tuktagulov, Liliya Biktimirova and Fadis Ganiev, Honored Artists of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Shagbalov and Iskandar Gazizov, Bishbarmak orchestra, vocal project “Voices”, dance theater “Bulgars”, dance theater of the Sterlitamak State Theater and Concert Association, Tatar dance ensemble "Ildan."

Sabantuy guests can taste national dishes at the World Cuisine venues, stroll along the alley of national tents, “Street of Good Neighbors,” and participate in various drawings and master classes for children and adults. As part of the Moscow Sabantuy, traditional equestrian competitions will also occur outside the museum-reserve. Young athletes will determine the best in horse riding, dressage, and show jumping. The winners will be awarded on the main stage of the festival.

The Moscow government, the governments of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, and the Tatar National-Cultural Autonomy of Moscow organized the event.

Author: Daria Subbotina

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