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27 February , 13:32

Russia has clarified film distribution certificate issuing procedure

Russia has clarified the procedure for providing services for a national film certificate and a film distribution certificate. The corresponding law amending the previous one, signed by Vladimir Putin, was published on February 26 on the official legal information portal. The changes will take effect from September 1, 2024.

The Law “On State Support of Cinematography of the Russian Federation” defines the concepts of “distribution certificate for a film” and “certificate of a national film”. A film distribution certificate is issued as an extract from the State Film Register signed by enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature as an electronic document.

The document specifies in which cases the issuance of a rental certificate will be refused:

“A rental certificate for a film is not issued in cases where the film contains materials that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation on countering terrorism and extremist activities, contains information about methods, methods of development and production of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their precursors, materials promoting pornography, violence, and cruelty, materials promoting non-traditional sexual relationships and (or) preferences, pedophilia, gender reassignment, if the film uses hidden inserts and other technical techniques and methods of disseminating information that affects the subconscious of a person and (or) hurt his health, in case of violation of the requirements established by the procedure for providing (issuing) a distribution certificate for a film, and in other cases determined by federal laws. The procedure for granting (issuing) a distribution certificate for a film, refusing to provide (issuing) a distribution certificate for a film, revoking a distribution certificate for a film, or making changes to a distribution certificate for a film is approved by the federal executive body in the field of cinematography,” the document says.

In addition, it has been established that subtitles for deaf people and an audio commentary produced for a national film following part two of Article 8 or part two of Article 9 of the said law must be provided to the film demonstrator by the manufacturer, distributor or other copyright holder of the film simultaneously with the provision of a copy of this film.

Author: Leila Aralbaeva

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