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29 September 2021, 18:37

National Museum of Bashkortostan will feature "Golden Man" - Kazakhstan symbol

Today, the Head of the Republic, Radiy Khabirov, visited the country's National Museum in Nur-Sultan.
It is the youngest and largest museum in Central Asia. It was opened in 2015 as part of the state program "Cultural Heritage" on behalf of the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
The unique museum complex with an area of ​​74 thousand square meters consists of seven blocks with a variable number of storeys up to the ninth floor.
The exposition area of 14 thousand square meters occupies 11 halls. There is the Hall of Astana, the Hall of Independent Kazakhstan, the Halls of Gold, the Hall of Ancient and Medieval History, the Hall of History, the Hall of Ethnography, and the Halls of Contemporary Art.
The collection of the National Museum is based on priceless artifacts found as a result of archaeological excavations. The world-famous "Golden Man", finds of burial mounds, ancient settlements, and medieval cities are kept here.
Golden jewelry from the crown of the ancient ruler of the steppes - winged horses-tulpars - became part of the national emblem of the country, and the sculpture of the "Golden Man" was installed on Independence Square in Alma-Ata.
The National Museum of Kazakhstan, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is implementing a unique project "The Procession of the Golden Man in the Museums of the World". The "Golden Man" has visited almost 20 countries within the exhibition "The Great Steppe: History and Culture", which acquaints foreign viewers with Kazakhstan's rich historical and cultural heritage.
In addition, the exposition includes about 150 artifacts that clearly show the culture and life of the nomads.
Radiy Khabirov suggested organizing this exhibition in Ufa, at the National Museum of Bashkortostan, so that the republic's inhabitants could also see the unique "Golden Man". Director of the Kazakhstan Museum Arystanbek Mukhamediuly supported this initiative.
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