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21 September , 13:45

Faizi Gaskarov Folk Dance Ensemble will perform in Belgium

The Faizi Gaskarov Folk Dance Ensemble will present the choreographic art of Bashkortostan and the identity of the Bashkir people in the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium - Brussels as part of the "Russian Seasons" project. The event will be held at the Russian House on September 22 with the support of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
The program includes dances from the golden fund of Gaskarov's heritage: the lyrical dance "Seven girls", the mountain-Bashkir dance "Gulnazira", "Zagida", as well as the famous dances staged by modern directors: "Copper Heel", "Song of the Herder" by Rif Gabitov, "Seven Clans" by Rais Nizametdinov, "Burzyanochki" by Khashim Mustaev, Russian dance "Kalinka" by Alexei Shishkin.
Russian Seasons is a unique project that opens up new opportunities for international dialogue and shows culture as a true peace ambassador.
Author:IMPORT Сервисный