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21 September , 10:41

Exact copy of "Horses and Signs" painting of Shulgan-Tash Cave is ready

One of the main exhibits of the Shulgan-Tash museum complex - an exact copy of the Horses and Signs painting in the Hall of Chaos is ready. This was reported by the large French media company France Info, which reporters visited the artist Alain Dalis studio in Montignac.
Fifty square meters of the cave with rock paintings will be reproduced in a French studio specializing in making cave facsimiles and decorating rock art exhibitions ordered by the Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Shulgan-Tash Cave". In addition to "Horses and Signs", facsimiles of "Eastern" and "Western Panels" from the Hall of Drawings are also being created.
The work of French artists is coordinated by Eudald Guillamet, a specialist in the conservation and restoration of rock carvings, who is well acquainted with the Shulgan-Tash Cave. During an interview with France Info, he called the image of a camel from the "Horses and Signs" painting extremely rare and very recognizable. The camel, reproduced by French artists, turns out to be as vibrant as the original.
Alain Dalis told reporters that Shulgan-Tash, famous for its paintings of the Paleolithic era, was one of the first pieces of evidence of rock art found outside the Franco-Spanish region. It is a vital link that brings out artistic similarities with several hundred other European caves. Alain Dalis is amazed at the beauty of the Ural cave, as he sees an obvious resemblance to the images of the Lascaux cave well known to him.
As previously reported, the French artists have six months to work on creating the main exhibits of the Shulgan-Tash museum complex. When ready, they will bring the facsimile to Bashkortostan themselves, and within 1.5 months, they will be engaged in installation works.
Translated by:IMPORT Сервисный